Stream Point Wellness

At Stream Point Wellness, We believe in treating the whole person; mind, body and spirit, to uncover the root cause of each individual’s disease and to treat that issue in the most efficient way possible.

Our clinic offers acupuncture, massage, and other wellness services in Lexington, KY. Our goal is to assist each person in achieving their health goals by treating their underlying condition and then educating each person to take an active part in their health so they may supplement and continue their path of health, healing and holism.

Our Vision

Our vision at Stream Point Wellness is to provide healing in an environment that allows each person to achieve a harmonic and synergistic balance of health and wellness.

We aim to treat each individual’s root cause as well as alleviate their symptoms so they may realize true health and holism.

We strive to provide a sense of local community by not only treating individuals, but by educating them and their families about whole health, including fitness, nutrition, and activities to balance thoughts and emotions; and lastly how to achieve these things while promoting a local and sustainable environment.

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