My experience with acupuncture began with Hardin Field.   I lucked into finding him through services with my chiropractor, then massage therapist/body worker, who referred me to Hardin.  Over the several months I received therapy from Hardin, I had the opportunity to try two other acupuncture practitioners, which verified my belief that Hardin’s attitude, approach, and expertise could NOT be beat.  Each session he would ask all the right questions to help determine what my body was communicating, and what it needed… but it was his ability to “listen between the answers” and intuit what energies and imbalances were occurring that would direct his treatment during each session.  Due to Hardin’s extensive knowledge and perceptive intuition, I was relieved of chronic pain in my neck/shoulders (after 18 months), ankles (around 6 months), and knees (about 2 months).  As the pain decreased I was pleasantly surprised.  The longer the pain/stiffness stayed away, I was at first amazed, then simply very, very grateful.   Hardin’s quiet presence and attentive gaze engender trust and confidence.   He goes about business in a straightforward manner, but then an occasional comment will spark some playful humor and his personal warmth is revealed.  If I had to sum up my opinion of Hardin’s abilities in less than 10 words, it would be:  “AWESOME… with warm and gentle hands.”

– Lisa Tays

Almost 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), a catch all diagnosis. I experienced bloating, stomach pain and gas on a daily basis. I would have bowel movements about once every 3-4 days; and when I did have one it was hard and painful. Doctors suggested giving me medication, but I never wanted to be dependent on anything. I tried it for a while, but just like most things I tried, it worked for a while and then stopped. I altered my diet numerous times throughout the years. I took out lactose completely, and pretty much stayed clear of cheese. I tried gluten-free, but that didn’t seem to make any significant difference. I came to the conclusion that this might be my fate, the “thorn in my side” so to speak.

I decided about a year ago to attend a Chinese medical school that offered acupuncture as a degree of study. As a student just starting out I decided to take advantage of the clinic there and get treatments. It was then that I met Hardin. I told him about my history of stomach problems and all the suffering that accompanied it. His approach towards my chronic disease was aggressive. He told me that I had a lot of “stagnation” in my body. This made sense to me since I didn’t have regular bowel movements and at times I felt sluggish. I felt I needed someone that would be aggressive with my disease, and Hardin was that. After the first couple visits I began to notice considerable changes in my body and my bowel movements. I began to see Hardin consistently every week for 6 months. The results of his treatments were beyond belief. I never thought I would ever get better. Hardin gave me hope, and he helped rid my body of its ailments. Seeing Hardin was the best thing that ever happened to my health. He is discerning and very intuitive of the health of his patients. I would recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.
– Noel Gaul