Medical Qigong Therapy (MQT) is an ancient form of Chinese energetic medicine. It is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), along with acupuncture, herbal medicine, and medical massage. As with the other branches of TCM, healing occurs through balancing Qi or electromagnetic energy that surrounds and pervades all living creatures.

MQT can be divided into two methods of application: Internal Qigong (self-treatment) and External Qigong (Qi emission). Qi Emission refers to the process by which qigong practitioners direct or emit their qi to others to purge and release toxic emotions from within the body’s tissues, eliminate energetic stagnations, as well as tonify, and regulate the internal organs, immune system, and energetic fields. The practitioner may touch areas on the other person’s body or simply pass their hands over the body to regulate the client’s Qi. After the treatment, the client will be given qigong prescriptions (internal qigong) to assist in their ongoing healing. Tailored specifically to the client, medical qigong exercises use physical movement, breathing methods and mental intention to correct and restore proper function in the body.

Through regular sessions and practice, imbalances are harmonized enabling the body to strengthen and regulate the internal organs & body systems, relieve pain, regulate hormones, and strengthen and purge deep-seated emotions and stress. Medical qigong therapy offers clients a safe and effective way to help rid themselves of many years of electromagnetic disruptions in this body caused by injuries, surgery, chemical and environmental influences, emotional changes and aging.