headshotI’m a licensed massage therapist with a specialty in (but not limited to) Visceral, Lymphatic, Organ and Digestive massage . I am passionate about the body (in both humans and equine!) and I believe healing starts within the muscle. I fully believe in the power of muscle therapy because I have seen and experienced it myself. My mission is to provide healing for the purpose of “Mastering equine and human performance.”

I work on riders, trainers, horses and anyone who needs my help. When everyone feels their best, they perform their best. While studying massage I had the great opportunity to have as my mentor the leading massage therapist at The Ohio State University. Through my studies I have learned and have become an expert in Lymphatic Drainage and Visceral Therapy along with other strategic therapies. These two therapies alone can and will help healing and function of the body in more than one way. Through my Strategic Muscle Therapy, I have seen people and horses heal from irreversible damage, heal faster and have improved muscular anatomy.

Along with my expertise in Muscle Therapy I am also certified as a firefighter, EMT, and personal trainer. I reside right here in Lexington, KY.

Cammy Decker, LMT